about-pic-2015RASPBERRY PARK is a Danish rock band with deep roots in the national rock scene, consisting of musicians with long careers working with some of Denmark’s biggest acts. Melodic rock, hard rock , classic rock, AOR and a heavy dose of modern rock is all being mixed into a very recognizable sound entirely their own . Strong songwriting, musicality, big productions combined with a powerful and engaging live show is what this is all about.


Lars Thomassen

Founded in 2013, RASPBERRY PARK originally started as a songwriting project between Mikkel Bryde, Jes Kirstein and lyricist Lars Thomassen. The idea was to write and produce for other artists. But it was not long before they realized that there was much more potential here . They invited Morten Maltesen, Jesper Andersen and Mads Fogt to complete the band. In late 2015, Jesper Andersen left the band and was replaced by Fridi Oester.

Fridi Oester

Fridi Oester

In late 2013 , the band signed with the German label POWER PROG and released the highly acclaimed debut album “Scratchin’ The Surface” in the spring of 2014. The genre fans were thrilled and the trade press predicted them a glorious future. Both decoupled singles “On The Battlefield” and “Paradise” were real achievements, getting airplay on radio stations Worldwide. With their newly released second longplayer “At Second Glance”, RASPBERRY PARK remain their chosen path faithfully. Adult harder rock music with classic rock and AOR influences is written on their banners, and once again without ifs and buts and with hitting exactly the nerve of the tilted fans.

Mikkel Bryde, Vocals
Jes Kirstein, Guitars
Morten Maltesen, Bass
Mads Fogt, Guitars
Fridi Oester, Drums